Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get for the $225?

60 minutes of 1:1 doctor time (compared to the 15 mins you normally get with a primary care provider), specialty labs ordered, reviewing the labs in detail with your doctor, a customized plan for the next 6 months, and 24/7 access to your Rupa care coordinator who is there for questions, advice, or just support! See more about how it works here.

How is this different from other doctors I’ve seen?

Functional medicine doctors are generally Western-trained MD’s who have chosen to train beyond our conventional healthcare system and practice functional medicine — a specialty that focuses on getting to know the person in-depth, treating them as a whole person (body, mind, lifestyle) and doing investigative work to figure out the root-cause of symptoms. It also relies on advanced lab-testing to discover holes and gaps in a person’s diet, and addresses these primarily through non-invasive methods such as supplements and personalized nutritional protocols.

Time spent with you: Our doctors spend 60 minutes with you, and multiple hours behind the scenes researching your case and developing your personalized plan. Even before you have your initial visit, your Rupa doctor has reviewed your detailed intake forms and has build a preliminary plan.

Root cause medicine: Rather that simply prescribing a medication to ease symptoms, functional medicine doctors work with you to discover and address the root cause of your symptoms. Why are you experiencing these issues? How can we get you to truly heal your symptoms rather than just mask the pain?

A more holistic approach: Functional medicine doctors tend to use supplements, nutritional protocols, exercise, and even mindfulness / meditation rather than going straight to medications or invasive procedures. They also look at the whole-person and take a whole-body approach to your symptoms, rather than looking at each piece in isolation.

The best of both worlds: Our Functional medicine doctors have experience in Western medicine as well, and understand the importance of medication and modern medicine. For us, it’s not picking either Western or holistic medicine — it’s using both thoughtfully together. Our doctors will also refer out when you need appropriate care.

Advanced lab testing: Our doctors use the most advanced lab testing that most conventional doctors don’t order - from stool testing to food sensitivities to hormone panels and more - and take a data driven approach to your health.

The most reputable certifying body for functional medicine is the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Our Rupa doctors have trained at the highest level through the IFM.

Functional medicine is sometimes referred to “integrative” or “holistic” medicine. (However they are each slightly different - see our glossary of terms here.)

Who is the doctor?

Our doctor, Dr. Martinez, is board-certified in conventional and functional medicine and has over 15 years experience with patients. Learn more about her here.

Who will be my care coordinator?

Our care coordinators are members of the Rupa Health team in San Francisco who have been in the functional medicine space for years and helped hundreds of patients navigate the space.

How will I communicate with my doctor and my concierge?

All communication will be virtual through our web-based app. Video calls with your Rupa Care Coordinator can be done through FaceTime, and video calls with the doctor will be through Zoom video.

Can you share my information with my PCP, specialist, or other healthcare providers?

Yes, our care team is happy to share lab-work, notes and takeaways with your conventional care team, including primary care doctor or specialists.

What type of lab-work is involved?

Functional medicine labwork for digestive health includes things like an in-depth look at your gut microbiome, inflammation levels, digestion and absorption, food sensitivities and more.

Our board-certified doctor will help you figure out if labwork is appropriate and if so, which ones should be ordered. They will also address the costs, risks and outcomes involved with each type of test.

Where can I learn more about functional medicine?

See Institute of Functional Medicine.


Can I submit the $225 bill to insurance?

Because the functional medicine model is relatively new and requires the doctor to spend an hour or longer with patients, insurance doesn’t often reimburse this type of care and we don’t bill through insurance. That being said, we can provide a Superbill that you can independently submit to your insurance company that may be covered. See more on what a superbilll is here.

What if I want follow-up appointments with the doctor?

You can schedule as many follow-ups with your doctor as you’d like! They will be billed as $65 per 15 minutes. Your Rupa Care Coordinator can help you schedule these.

Is the cost of lab testing included?

Lab testing is not included, but is completely optional and can be done a-la-carte depending on your needs and the doctor’s recommendations. Some people may be fine without any lab testing, and Dr. Martinez can provide value with or without it.

This feels expensive..why is that?

See more about the average price of functional medicine.


How do I know if my condition is specific enough to apply? What condition groups specifically are included?

Anyone can apply to our beta, whether you’ve actually been diagnosed or not. We’re focusing on chronic digestive issues, which includes but is not limited to diagnoses of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Crohn’s, Colitis and more.

Can I apply from anywhere in the US?

For our beta, we’re only accepting patients in Colorado, Washington, and California. That being said, anyone is welcome to apply and we’ll reach out to you if we expand to more states, and keep you in the loop when we fully launch.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Rosa at